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Registration System

Welcome to Marketta, where we redefine event planning with our state-of-the-art Registration System. Thoughtfully designed and precision-engineered, our system takes the hassle out of event management, ensuring a seamless and organized experience.

Streamlined Event Management with Marketta’s Registration System

Registration Form

Easily deploy independent registration forms for your event.

Import Attendees

Effortlessly import attendee lists for convenient management.


Empower attendees with a user-friendly self-registration process via touch screens.

NameTag Print

Instantly create professional nametags for seamless identification.

Certificate Print

Effortlessly generate and print certificates for attendees.

QR Code Generator

Create unique QR codes for easy check-ins and engagements.

Quick Print

Rapidly print nametag or certificate for non registered attendee.

SMS Notifications

Seamlessly communicate updates and reminders via text messages.

Email Notifications

Send automated emails for your attendees.

On-Site Photo

Capture and integrate on-site attendee photos for enhanced identification.

Check-in & Check-out

Manage attendee entry and exit seamlessly with efficient tracking.

Online Certificate

Enable attendees to access and download certificates online.

Manual Registration

Facilitate registrations through manual entry for added flexibility.


Integrate our system with your website for hassle free.

Margins Section

Customize and manage margins within the system for precise control.


Add your custom certificate template with one click.

Reporting System

Access comprehensive reports and analytics for valuable insights.